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Enforcement Action

Action Date Enforcement Action Licensee or Regulated Person
07/10/2016 Lifting of Directive CREQUE’S INSURANCE AGENCY LIMITED
07/10/2016 Lifting of Directive GULF INSURANCE LIMITED
06/10/2016 Administrative Penalty $8,150.00 THE GALILEO FUND LTD.
06/10/2016 Administrative Penalty $8,750.00 Copernic Global Fund Limited
05/27/2016 Lifting of Directive Castlestone Management Incorporated
05/10/2016 Administrative Penalty $7,500.00 SPECTRUM GALAXY FUND LTD.
05/10/2016 Administrative Penalty $1,000.00 Objective Summa Corporation
04/29/2016 Directive MOSSACK FONSECA & CO. (B.V.I.) LTD.
04/15/2016 Administrative Penalty $330.00 GABELLI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
04/15/2016 Administrative Penalty $1,500.00 Analytical Investments Advisors Ltd.
04/15/2016 Administrative Penalty $900.00 ARBITRAL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
04/15/2016 Warning Letter Hawksford Trustees International (BVI) Limited
04/15/2016 Administrative Penalty $330.00 GABELLI ASSOCIATES LIMITED
03/21/2016 Directive Castlestone Management Incorporated
02/23/2016 Administrative Penalty $5,000.00 Glenn Sylvester Harrigan of CCP FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED