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Enforcement Action

Action Date Enforcement Action Licensee or Regulated Person
22 Mar 2012 Revocation of Licenses/Certificate F3 Ethical Developing Fund Limited
17 Dec 2014 Warning Letter CR (BVI) Limited
20 Sep 2013 Lifting of Directive Systematic Growth Fund Inc.
20 Aug 2013 Administrative Penalty $500.00 Mr. Barry J. Miller as Director of Shirley Trust Company Limited
18 Oct 2012 Directive BGL Private Equity (BVI) Limited
25 Jan 2013 Directive Porcupine Absolute Return Fund Inc.
4 Aug 2015 Administrative Penalty $20,000.00 Heritage Insurance Company (Caribbean) Limited
20 Sep 2013 Lifting of Directive World Index Growth and Income Fund Inc.
6 Dec 2015 Administrative Penalty $20,000.00 Osiris International Trustees Limited
20 Dec 2011 Appointment of Examiner Aliquot Agriculture Fund Inc.
19 Apr 2018 Public Statement MR. LEVERE WENT and FLOW MONEY SYSTEM