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Are there legislative provision for re-domiciliation in and out of the Virgin Islands?

The BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 contains provisions for domiciliation/re-domiciliation to and from the Virgin Islands (BVI). If the new insurer (seeking re-domiciliation to the Virgin Islands) desires to use the same name (as currently used in the foreign jurisdiction if it is available) an application must be made to the BVI FSC for name approval. An application would also be required to be submitted for approval to carry-on insurance business in or from within the BVI.

What are the capital adequacy guidelines for Trust Licence holders?

Under the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990 General Trust Licence holders are required to have a minimum fully paid up capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (US$250,000) or its equivalent in foreign currencies, or such sum as the Commission, by order determines, and has deposited or invested a sum of money as may be specified by the Commission but not to exceed $100,000.

Applicants for a Restricted Trust Licence are not subject to capital requirements.

What are the licensing requirements for a bank?

The legal requirement for obtaining a banking licence in the Virgin Islands is governed by the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990. Section 3 of this Act provides that no person or company incorporated in the Virgin Islands shall carry on banking business from within the Virgin Islands, unless that person or company has obtained a licence under this Act. Further, section 4(4) of this Act states: "If the Commission is satisfied that an application to carry on banking business is not against the public interest and that the applicant is a person qualified to carry on banking business, it may grant the application and issue to the applicant a licence subject to such terms and conditions as it thinks fit."